We can't ignore the effects of antidepressants on our sex lives

Chances are, you or someone you know takes antidepressants to treat conditions such as anxiety and depression. 2018 saw over 70,000,000 antidepressant prescriptions dispensed and the Mental Health Foundation describes depression as being the ‘predominant mental health problem worldwide’.

My Parents Were Anti-Vaxxers, So I Never Got My Shots

I’m 22 years old and recently found out that I haven’t had any of my vaccinations. I’ve always known that I grew up in an unconventional household. My mother was my age when I was born, so my nana ended up playing a huge role in raising me, and I lived with her for most of my childhood. My grandma is a strong believer in alternative forms of medicine and recently, amid the media controversy surrounding anti-vaxx celebrity parents, it struck me that it was more than likely that I hadn’t received any of my vaccinations as a child.

ANNA at the National Theatre

In the communist society of East Berlin, the couple live in an imposing plattenbau tower block, overlooking the grey slabs of city beneath them. We follow Anna as she prepares to host a party celebrating her husband’s recent promotion, a party in which the guest of honour is Hans’ boss Christian, a prominent and established member of the Socialist Unity Party that oppressively controlled the country for 40 years. We watch Anna’s guests bustle around their typically art deco flat, as the collective tone of the party evolves in response to the varying events of the night.

Kings of the lonely men: The Rhythm Method on their debut album | Gigwise

The Rhythm Method are running late. Hardly a surprise, seeing as it took them five-years to bring out a debut album, one that their fans have been yearning after for an age. All can be forgiven, however, as they sit down and tell us they’re late due to already working on album number two. “Getting this album out has been such a relief, such a weight off” lyricist and front man Joey Bradbury tells us, “it was like being constipated. Once we got into the flow of this album coming out, a new one has just come immediately after. We’ve basically written a second album in the past two months.”

Where to Find Discounts on Arts and Culture Across the UK

Here in the UK, we’re lucky to have heaps of options on the cards for enjoying arts and culture- from theatres to galleries to concert venues. Whilst many museums and galleries in the UK are free, it still costs a pretty penny to get out and enjoy a lot of our cultural attractions. Why go out when binge watching Netflix only costs £6.99 a month? Check out our round up of the best ways to save money on enjoying arts and culture (and food, as always) this year.